The first anniversary of the Japan Olympic Museum

We are working to build a peaceful and better world by nurturing friendship, solidarity and fair play and by promoting mutual understanding through sports. The JOM operated by the JOC is a visitor-friendly centre for the Olympic Movement dedicated to communicating the Olympic idea: Olympism. Marking our first anniversary, we are pleased to announce our special program for spreading the values of sports and excitement of the Olympic Games by sending out our thoughts and words of hope to the next generation. We will continue to contribute to society and deliver energy through the power of sports.

Olympians’ passion unveiled

Power of Sport, Leading into the Future


Yasuhiro Yamashita

Gold Medal, Men’s Open Category, Judo, Los Angeles 1984 Games

伊藤 華英

Hanae Ito

Women’s Backstroke, Swimming, Beijing 2008 Games
Women’s Freestyle, Swimming, London 2012 Games


Visit the JOM and learn about Olympism

Enjoy the Olympics from an athlete’s perspective.


Ayaka Takahashi

Gold Medal, Women’s Doubles, Badminton, Rio 2016 Games


Combining of sports and art

We fuse sports with culture and education to explore creative and attractive ways of living. A short film titled Shadows as Athletes was awarded the grand prize in the entertainment category at the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival. Kiichiro Matsumaru, Vice President of the JOC and Vice Director of the Japan Olympic Museum, asks Masahiko Sato, the producer of the film and a professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, about his thoughts projected in the film.