■Striving for Recovery and Rebirth

The Antwerp Games were held after WWI and the Spanish flu pandemic. Historically, the Olympic Games have initiated new eras, constantly overcoming war, disasters and pandemics.
The Olympic Games, a festival of peace, have been held by overcoming multiple obstacles. What is the significance of the Olympics, which have contributed to the reconstruction of societies?
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and when we move forward to the Tokyo 2020 Games in 2021, the Exhibition will introduce the challenges faced and addressed by the Olympics.

■First-ever Olympic Flag, Athletes' Oath and Release of Doves

The Olympic Games Antwerp 1920, which were held by overcoming many difficulties, featured a number of first-evers including the Olympic flag (Olympic symbol), the athletes' oath and release of doves. These events demonstrate the Olympic spirit: solidarity, fair play and peace.
What are the essential values of the Olympics that have transformed with changes in the times from the Antwerp 1920 Games until today ? We will explore them introducing various stories.