The Story of Olympism Vol. 1. Vera Caslavska, a beautiful flower that bloomed in the Tokyo Olympics

Fascinating many people with her beautiful and elegant performance, Vera Caslavska won great fame and was applauded as the darling of Tokyo at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. This exhibition takes place in spring, her favourite season in Japan, to pay homage to the footsteps of Vera Caslavska, who embodied the Olympic spirit in the true sense: mutual understanding transcending all differences and contributing to world peace through physical and mental training in sports. We will soon celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Games, but we are still in the midst of social uncertainties. All the more because of this situation, it is important to introduce the life of Vera Caslavska together with her words, how she lived her life as an athlete and a woman: powerful, graceful and resilient, standing true to her beliefs. Period: April 14 – May 30, 2021 Venue: WELCOME SALON on the ground floor of the Japan Olympic Museum Czech Centre Tokyo, Vera Caslavska Foundation Embassy of the Czech Republic